Uncle Buds M-0003 X3 "The Future" (3 Bag System) APG Realtree
Uncle Buds M-0003 X3 'The Future' (3 Bag System) APG Realtree
Uncle Buds

Uncle Buds M-0003 X3 "The Future" (3 Bag System) APG Realtree

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Part Number:M-0003
The X-3 Bulls Bag Shooting Rest, "The Future" (3-Bag System), is an extension of the X-4/X-7, 7-in-1, X-7 Bulls Bag "Advantage" Shooting Rest, and will provide excellent stability in gun rest firearm support. This will offer many useful shooting rest configurations including: Toe & Heel Rifle Rest (Owl-Ear Design)/Stackable Bags/Pistol and Handgun Rest, and includes a "Sleeve Bag" that is 8" high and represents a Hi-Front rifle rest.


- The 3-Bag shooting rest configurations will make (10) desired Toe and Heel Rifle Rest and Handgun Rests
- Entry level shooting rest accommodating the traditional Toe and Heel design with added flexibility
- 3 bag "System" Can add-on to this "System" with/X-4 to complete the 7-in-1 BULLS BAG "Advantage"


- Several shooting rest arrangements
- Pistol/Handgun Rest
- Toe & Heel Shooting Rest (Owl/Rabbit Ear style)
- Stackable Bag Shooting Rest
- 900 Polyester with/2 mil PVC coating (Moisture resistant)
- Cradle Height approx: 7.5" (Includes: Zippered Sleeve Hi-Rest Bag)
- Internal fill spout with/military grade Hoop and Loop Fastener No-leak filling spout/seams (No sewing necessary)
- Shipping weight unfilled: 1 lb./3 oz.

Parts include:

- 1 Rectangular Bag
- 1 Owl/Rabbit Ear Bag
- 1 Zippered Sleeve Hi-Rest Bag 7.5"

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