Ultradyne UD10560 C4 Precision Folding Front Sight
Ultradyne UD10560 C4 Precision Folding Front Sight

Ultradyne UD10560 C4 Precision Folding Front Sight

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The Dynalign sight picture provides more accurate and faster target acquisition, using a purely concentric sight picture that is similar to that used by Olympic target shooters. Unlike red-dot or holographic sights, this sight picture does not obscure the target and actually enhances visibility due to the optical characteristics of apertures.

Most BUIS systems utilize a sight picture that is non-intuitive. The brain’s visual systems are asked to align a circular rear aperture with a rectangular front post shape while simultaneously ignoring the “ears” that protect the front sight post. Dynalign’s circle-within-circle sight picture allows for faster sight picture acquisition. Additionally, the use of a front aperture further reduces parallax effect which makes accuracy less dependent on precise sight alignment.

In addition to its revolutionary sight picture, the C4 Front Sight provides additional features:

- Make hassle-free adjustments anywhere, anytime
- Regain full range of rear windage adjustment and guarantee center-zero operation
- Choose from traditional post or multiple Dynalign front apertures



- 12 MOA Dynalign & Front Post Included

Windage Adjustment:

- 40 MOA Total
- 1/2 MOA Per Click

Elevation Adjustment:

- 28 MOA Total
- 1 1/4 MOA Per 1/4 Turn


- 4140 CrMo Steel, Salt Bath Nitride Finish
- 7075 Aerospace Alloy, Hard Anodized


- Picatinny: 2.20 oz
- .223 | 5.56 Dynamount: 2.20 oz
- .308 | 7.62 Dynamount: 2.20 oz

- Dimensions:

Picatinny: 1.21" W x 0.369" H
.223 | 5.56 Dynamount: 1.21" W x 0.369" H
.308 | 7.62 Dynamount: 1.21" W x 0.369" H

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