Sabre BB-01 Bear Bell
Sabre BB-01 Bear Bell

Sabre BB-01 Bear Bell

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The National Park Service states that “not surprising bears is [one] of the most important things you can do” to reduce your risk of encountering a bear. Noise-making devices—such as bear bells or bear horns—help make bears in your vicinity well aware that there’s a human in their midst, and gives them a chance to leave the area before stumbling upon an encounter that could trigger defensive behavior.


- Reduces Likelihood of Aa Bear Encounter: Noises alert bears you’re in the area, reducing your chances of startling a bear into aggressive behavior (National Park Service, “Staying Safe around Bears”); an ideal complement to bear spray
- Versatile & User-Friendly: Simply use Velcro strap to attach to shoes, bag or similar item
- Can Be Silenced: Magnetic silencer allows you to wear bell without sounding when desired—don’t need to detach bear bell when not in use
- Sleek & Attractive
- Extremely Reliable: Developed by SABRE, manufacturer of Frontiersman Bear Spray, #1 pepper spray brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide with 40 years’ experience in the security industry


- Quantity: 1 Each

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