RCBS 98922 Chargemaster Dispenser
RCBS 98922 Chargemaster Dispenser

RCBS 98922 Chargemaster Dispenser

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The RCBS ChargeMaster Powder Dispenser is designed to work with all types of smokeless powder. Simply take the dispenser and connect it to either 110 or 220 volt ChargeMaster 1500 Scale (Not Included) and have an accurate way to quickly dispense accurate powder charges without having to calibrate their dispensers to the type of powder being dispensed. Type in the charge weight and hit dispenses and that is all that is needed. The layout of the unit gives reloaders easy access to the scale pan by either right or left handed reloaders and the clear cover helps to eliminate fluctuations in weighting caused by air currents without obscuring the view of the powder being dispensed.


- Accuracy: +/- 1/10 grain
- Adjustment Method: Touch Pad
- Features:
- Average dispensing time of 60 grains of extruded powder is 30 seconds
- Stores up to 30 loads for fast recall
- Powder Drain Feature
- 4-Speed Motorized powder trickler
- Capacity: 1 Pound
- Charge Weight: 2-300 grains (Not for Black Powder)


- Powder Drain Feature
- 2 Check Weights

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