Primos Hunting 773 Rut Roar
Primos Hunting 773 Rut Roar
Primos Hunting

Primos Hunting 773 Rut Roar

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Pushing to get every bit of accuracy they could to fool a deer's senses. Primos changed the angles of the call so that it cast the sound down when calling from treestands. The all rubber construction allows you to manipulate the call to be blown full volume (the Roar) to much lighter tending grunts without having to adjust the reed. They increased the chamber size of the challenge wheeze to get increased volume and range out of it. And, they bettered the form fit to your arm so that the Rut Roar is always at the ready but out of the way.


- Reproduces aggressive, mature buck sounds
- Built in Challenge Wheeze
- Ergonomic shape
- Angled outlet for directional calling

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