Primos Hunting 687 Striker 3-Pack
Primos Hunting 687 Striker 3-Pack
Primos Hunting

Primos Hunting 687 Striker 3-Pack

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The striker pak produces a full range of pitches from very high to low frequencies. The Purple Heart Striker is designed for easy handling and control, to increase the accuracy of your calling. The GraveDigger Striker is crafted from select hardwood, which creates the raspy, yet sweet and clear tones turkey hunters require. The Wet Weather Acrylic Striker is 100% WATERPROOF when used with the AlumiSlate (Model No. 223), Power Crystal (Model No. 217), and The FREAK with Crystal (Model No. 210) you will not want to leave this one behind!


- Purple Heart Striker
- GraveDigger Striker
- Wet Weather Acrylic Striker

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