Primos Hunting 62704 Sit-N-Spin Crazy Critter
Primos Hunting 62704 Sit-N-Spin Crazy Critter
Primos Hunting

Primos Hunting 62704 Sit-N-Spin Crazy Critter

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Primos Sit’N Spin Crazy Critter’s “stop & go” erratic movements mimic those of a wounded rodent or bird. The small collapsible design of the Sit’N Spin makes packing it a breeze. The stake and decoy mount can be unscrewed from the motor and attached to clips on the side of the motor casing for easy portability. Don’t give em’ a chance to avoid your setup. “Speak the Language”, and draw them in with the Sit’N Spin Crazy Critter. Only from Primos.


- Control this decoy with your Primos Electronic Caller
- Stop & Go Eye Catching Movement
- Imitates an Injured & Panicking Critter
- Intermittent 3600 Spinning Motion
- Realistic Fur with Flaring White Tip Tail
- Adjustable Speed Dial


Critter, Motor & Ground Stake


- Compatible with Boss Dogg, Alpha Dogg, and Turbo Dogg Electronic Callers (Primos Electronic Callers with External Decoy Jack)

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