Presta PACE™ Ultimate Polish - 32oz
Presta PACE™ Ultimate Polish - 32oz

Presta PACE™ Ultimate Polish - 32oz

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PACE™ Ultimate Polish - 32oz

PACE™ Ultimate Polish is specially formulated for use with orbital polishers. It is a finishing polish to be used for light correction or as a final showroom gloss after PACE™ Heavy Cut Compound or PACE™ Medium Cut Compound.

Features & Benefits:

  • Significantly increases depth of gloss
  • Applies easily; removes simply
  • Dust-free application


  • Apply four, 1/4” (6.25mm) drops of PACE™ Ultimate Polish to the pad and spread on surface using your orbital polisher set to 1 or the lowest setting
  • Once the area is covered, turn orbital polisher up to 3 or the medium setting and with light to no pressure work the product from opaque to clear to ensure you have broken down the abrasives and have brought the surface to a deep gloss
  • Do not buff to a dry surface
  • Wipe surface with a clean ultra-soft microfiber cloth

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