Peregrine PFG-QSS3 Quick-Shot Synthetic Shotgun Holster blaze Orange
Peregrine PFG-QSS3 Quick-Shot Synthetic Shotgun Holster blaze Orange

Peregrine PFG-QSS3 Quick-Shot Synthetic Shotgun Holster blaze Orange

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The Quick-Shot shotgun/rifle holster (invented by Peregrine Field Gear) is a wonderful innovation that improves firearm safety on the range and in the field in addition to reducing fatigue and improving your reaction time when a bird flushes.

The Quick-Shot keeps your firearm pointed in the safest direction possible: UP! The barrel of the gun is always visible (as opposed to being slung over your back) so you always know where your gun is aimed. Dog handlers no longer need to be concerned about firearms being pointed at their dogs in the field. With the Quick-Shot, you can concentrate on enjoying a safe hunt.

The Quick-Shot earns its namesake because it keeps your gun ready. Your firearm is always in an optimum position for a fast draw, right when you need it. With the exception of always having your gun shouldered, the Quick-Shot ensures that the butt of your gun only has to travel the minimum straight-line distance from your belt to your shoulder in order to take a shot.

The Quick-Shot takes the weight off of your arms and lets your legs do the work. Using the Quick-Shot, the weight load on your arms can be reduced by up to 75%! By eliminating the undue burden on your arms you'll hardly notice the weight of your firearm. This means you will be rested and alert when it's time for the next shot.


- Rugged all-weather fabric.
- 100% waterproof and abrasion resistant
- Foam padded for comfort
- Unfolds for easy cleaning and transport
- Can be positioned anywhere on the waist
- Field tested and approved by the North American Hunting Club
- Comes with "one size fits all" 2x60" belt with 15 elastic shotgun shell holders for 20 or 12 ga


- Fits: All standard shotguns/rifles with butt measuring up to 5.375"
- Color: Blaze Orange

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