Peltor H6A/V 95 Behind-the-Head Earmuffs Beige/Black
Peltor H6A/V 95 Behind-the-Head Earmuffs Beige/Black

Peltor H6A/V 95 Behind-the-Head Earmuffs Beige/Black

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3M Peltor PTL Optime 95 Over-the-Head- Folding Earmuffs, Hearing Conservation, is recommended for environments with noise levels up to 95 dBA. Made of ABS plastics, the earmuffs are ultra-light at only 6.5 ounces, a comfort feature that potentially increases rates of worker compliance in wearing hearing protection. When the workday is done, the earmuffs fold to a compact size for easy transport and convenient storage. Wide, liquid/foam filled earmuff cushions fit gently without creating pressure points around the ears or on the face. These hearing protectors are commonly worn in machine shops and around power tools.
For noise levels up to 95dBA, these lightweight and comfortable Optime 95 earmuffs feature low-profile ear cups that fit well with most helmets, eyewear, and other safety equipment. These earmuffs have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 21 dB. The NRR may overestimate the hearing protection provided during typical use. 3M recommends reducing the NRR by 50% for estimating the amount of noise reduction provided.
Exposure to loud noises can adversely affect the ability to hear over time. Wearing proper hearing protection devices can help in reducing the harmful effects of noise. Sounds levels are expressed in decibels, often abbreviated as dB. Higher decibel numbers indicate louder sounds. Typical decibel levels associated with common sounds include: outdoors with no people or traffic 20 dB, normal conversation 60 dB, power lawn mower 90 dB, chain saw 110 dB, and 12-gauge shotgun 165 dB. The hearing protector NRR can be used to evaluate different hearing protection options. However, the actual level of protection varies depending on fit, wearing time and other factors.
3M Peltor Optime 95 over-the-head earmuffs feature a stainless steel headband for consistent force and effective hearing protection.


- Earmuff provide hearing protection against high-frequency noise up to 95 dBA
- Ultra-light hearing protectors are less noticeable to wear
- Folding design offers compact storage
- Earmuffs provide relief with Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 21 decibels
- Earcups with liquid and foam filled cushions offer comfort for long wear and optimum seal


- Brand: Peltor
- Color?:? Beige/Black
- Hearing Protection Style?:? Over the head
- Material?:? ABS
- Noise Reduction Rating?: 21 Decibel
- Packaging?:? Box
- Product Code?:? H6A/V
- Product Type?:? Earmuffs
- Recommended Application?:? Assembly,? Cleaning,? Demolition,? Electrical,? Facility Maintenance,? Grinding,? Machine Operations,? Painting,? Sanding,? Welding
- Recommended Industry?:? Automotive,? Construction,? Food and Beverage Manufacturing,? General Manufacturing,? Metal Fabrication,? Military Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO),? Mining,? Oil & Gas,? Pharmaceutical,? Transportation
- Shape?:? Earmuffs
- Size?:? One Size Fits Most

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