Navionics MSD/NAVU-NI Update
Navionics MSD/NAVU-NI Update

Navionics MSD/NAVU-NI Update

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Part Number:MSD/NAVU-NI
Navionics Updates delivers the most convenient way to update your Navionics charts and upgrade to all the features of Navionics+. Boaters and anglers alike will enjoy the most up-to-date marine and lake charts in huge regions, 1' HD contours with SonarChart in fresh- and saltwater settings, and daily updates for 1 year. You can even use other manufacturers’ cards to activate updates. Whether you have a Navionics Silver, Gold, Navionics+ or even a chart card of a different brand, like C-MAP, Fishing Hot Spots, Garmin, LakeMaster, Lowrance, Magellan, or TrakMaps, a Navionics Updates Chart Card will give you all Navionics+ content. Once you've acquired your navigation-supercharging chart card, just visit the, click on Downloads & Updates, and plug in your card; follow the easy onscreen instructions to activate your chart upgrade for all Navionics+ content and services.


- Supercharges your charts and navigation
- Delivers the most up-to-date marine and lake charts in huge regions
- Offers 1' HD contours with SonarChart
- Covers fresh- and saltwater settings
- Provides daily updates for 1 year
- Works with other manufacturers' chart cards
- Installs quickly and easily

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