NRG Marine Sonihull Duo Ultrasonic Antifouling System
NRG Marine Sonihull Duo Ultrasonic Antifouling System
NRG Marine

NRG Marine Sonihull Duo Ultrasonic Antifouling System

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Sonihull Duo

  • PSU Approval:CE and UL
  • Voltage:100-24VAC 50/60Hz (12-24vDC)
  • Power:7.2W
  • Ultrasonic Generator:x1
  • Transducer:x2
  • Pulse Frequency:19.5kHz - 55kHz
  • Control Box Rating:IP65
  • Transducer Rating:IP68
  • Transducer Cable:5.5M in Length
  • Weight:3Kg
  • Dimentions:175mm x 130mm x 75mm
  • Warranty:2 Years

Sonihull Duo
  • Antifouling System for Yachts up to 56' In Length
  • Dual output Ultrasonic generator system with two transducer, suitable for motor and saling yachts
  • cost effective antifoul products that work alongside a conventional
    antifoul paint with additional benefits
  • Allowing for longer haul out intervals
  • Reducing or eliminating the need for in the water hull cleaning
  • Reducing or eliminating the need to clean intake screens and Filters
  • Lowering fuel costs due to less drag from bottom growth
  • Improving sailing speed due to a constantly clean bottom

Sonihull Duo - The antifouling paint alternative
The NRG Marine Hull protection system utilizes the latest digital electronics and Ultrasonic transducer technology, by producing multiple bursts of ultra sonic energy simultaneously in a multiple range of frequencies. This energy produces a pattern of alternating positive and negative pressure.

The alternating pattern creates microscopic bubbles during periods of negative pressure and implodes them during periods of positive pressure in a phenomenon known as "cavitation." The implosion creates a micro-jet action that not only provides the cleaning effect on the hulls surface below the water line, it also resonates and destroys single cell organisms such as algae. The removal of the initial link in the food chain inhibits the growth barnacles and other marine life that feed on the algae.

Suitable for all types of hull materials except wood.

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