Mojo Decoys HW4112 6 Volt Car Charger
Mojo Decoys HW4112 6 Volt Car Charger
Mojo Decoys

Mojo Decoys HW4112 6 Volt Car Charger

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Re-charge your 6-volt Mojo battery without taking it out of the vehicle! The Mojo 6-volt car charger plugs into any standard 12-volt cigarette lighter and adds additional convenience to recharging your decoy battery. The charger comes equipped direct from the factory with a charging port plug that mates directly with the charging port receptacle of your decoy eliminating the need to remove the battery from the decoy body. For models not equipped with a charging port, the Mojo 6-volt car charger also comes standard with a dual-wire alligator clip adaptor which quickly and easily attaches directly to the decoy battery.


- Plugs into any standard 12 volt cigarette lighter
- Comes equipped with a charging port that mates with your decoy

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