Megapulse VEE System MK5 Battery Degradation Eliminator
Megapulse VEE System MK5 Battery Degradation Eliminator

Megapulse VEE System MK5 Battery Degradation Eliminator

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VEE System MK5 Battery Degradation Eliminator

The Inherent Problem
DC Electrical Systems are designed to be efficient and reliable, in the field however the reality is that Vehicles, Vessels and Equipment often operate outside design parameters as a result of degraded batteries, this leads to Inefficiency, Unreliability and Failure of Components, increasing Maintenance and Repairs.  

The Cause
All batteries are a Degrading technology by nature and as they degrade they cause Voltage Losses which directly affects Electrical System functionality. Degraded batteries also run hotter due to elevated internal resistance, creating gas and electrolyte boil-off which is both Corrosive and Explosive.

The Solution to Unnecessary Down-Time
Megapulse is a disruptive on-board technology which reduces Un-Necessary Down-Time as a result of electrical system Faults caused by Degrading batteries. Megapulse Technology employs a Dual Pulse to Re-Energize inactive material clogging the battery plates, returning it to active duty allowing the battery and electrical system to function at Full Voltage once again.

Battery Degradation affects our Environment
By removing and preventing Degradation, batteries are kept out of the recycling loop up to 3 times longer reducing Lead in our Environment.

How does it work?

Dual Pulse
Megapulse employs a Dual Pulse Technology which uses a targeted method of inducing a total of 10,600 pulses per second into the battery. 5300 pulses of current per second are extracted from the battery after which the finely tuned Pulse Wave is created and induced back into the battery at the same rate of 5300 per second. This super efficient dual action targets crystallized inactive material, re-energizing it back into active service leaving the battery in as new condition. The high frequency pulses act as a Pace-Maker for the battery and the electrical system, restoring efficiency and reliability. Megapulse is very efficient using only 10 milliamp of power which it derives from the battery itself therefore does not require external power input. Each unit can condition up to 1500Ah of battery capacity from 6V to 48V and for larger banks multiple units can be installed in series configuration.

Works with All Types of Batteries
Megapulse Green Energy is suitable for all types of batteries (except lithium and nicad).

Tested & Proven
Green Energy has been tested by CSIRO, Unitech Energy, Volvo, Scania, MAN, Mercedes, Nobina, Solaris, ThermoKing, Bavaria and many more OEM manufacturers.

Onboard 24/7 Protection

Suitable for All Applications

Today's vehicles place high demands on batteries, causing them to degrade faster. Whatever your vehicle, it costs you when it won’t start, break down or run inefficiently. Megapulse ensures reliable and efficient power for  your vehicle and on-board batteries.

If your boat fails out at sea... It could be life threatening!
Whether it’s a boat, a ferry or a jet ski, it is more than an inconvenience when they fail. If your car lets you down it’s an inconvenience, but if your vessel fails out at sea... It could be life threatening!

Safety is critical in Aviation!
Safety & Reliability is paramount in aviation, both in the hangar and in flight. Electrical Systems & batteries must perform at maximum efficiency to ensure aircrafts get off the ground & land safely again. Megapulse Green Energy is currently suitable for ground use in Hangars, Megapulse is not as yet Aviation approved hence it can only be installed on ground support vehicles and equipment.

Batteries critically affect Safety & Reliability
Reliable Vehicles, Vessels and Equipment require maximum systems voltage in order to operate fault free, to achieve this the battery must be free of degradation as it directly affects the system voltage.

Long-Term Storage of Batteries 
Batteries suffer from self-discharge even when not connected. When batteries are left in a discharged state, Degradation takes hold quickly. When batteries are left in vehicles for long periods of inactivity, the key-off load of the vehicle is an additional load increasing the problem further. The solution is to install Megapulse plus a Trickle Charger (for vehicles indoors near AC power) or Solar Panel (for vehicles outdoors). This combination maintains batteries in a charged, like new condition ensuring a first start even after 3+ years of storage. Vehicles left in storage for 2 months or more require this solution to avoid battery and vehicle electrical system problems.

Flexible & Versatile
Megapulse Technology is encapsulated in a single Multi-Voltage product which is able to condition a single battery or an entire battery bank of up to 2000 Ampere Hours in any voltage configuration from 6v to 48v. Most applications only require one Megapulse unit .

*Suitable for all batteries except Lithium and Nicad.

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