Lyman 7810209 Ultimate Case Prep Kit
Lyman 7810209 Ultimate Case Prep Kit

Lyman 7810209 Ultimate Case Prep Kit

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The Lyman Ultimate Case Prep Kit was produced to be an exhilarating way to be certain that you possess the capability to reload your used or spent bullet cartridge cases. Manufactured using some of the finest components to choose from, this Gunsmithing Equipment from the skilled professionals at Lyman will guarantee that you are reloading all the bullet casings you can deal with. For many years, Lyman has developed in the reloading area and the Lyman Ultimate Case Prep Kit is the immediate consequence of their driven endeavors to supply you with the greatest reloading instruments for the value.

Case Includes:

- E-Zee Case Gauge
- Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller with 2 collets
- Extra Large Deburr Tool
- Outside Chamfer Tool
- Flash Hole Uniformer
- VLD Chamfer Tool
- Small & Large Primer Pocket Reamers
- Small & Large Primer Pocket Cleaners
- Small & Large Primer Pocket Uniformers
- Nylon Case Neck Brushes
- Dry Case Neck Lube


- Weight: 3.25 lbs.

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