Lockdown 717133 Hot Zone Energizer Only
Lockdown 717133 Hot Zone Energizer Only

Lockdown 717133 Hot Zone Energizer Only

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Help keep wildlife out of your food plot with the Non-Typical Hot Zone Energizer. This power source for your Hot Zone Food Plot Exclosure System can be powered by 110 ac power or with a deep cycle 12 volt battery and solar panel. The Energizer is earth grounded by using a soil linking ground rod. The Hot Zone Energizer emits electrical impulses to tape and wires, shocking wildlife that is trying to get into your food plot, allowing the plants much needed time to see their true potential. Electrical impulses can be customized using five different modes, which include 1.5 second mode, 2.5 second mode, Battery mode (2.5 second impulses only), Day 1.5/Night 2.5 mode and Day 2.5/Night 1.5 mode. The light sensor automatically switches to your chosen mode for you, based on light intensity, while a "hold-on" mode keeps the unit from sending electrical impulses so you can perform necessary maintenance. The Energizer also works great to power a system to keep rodents and deer out of your garden.


- Earth grounded
- Powered by either 110 AC or 12 Volt with solar panel
- Variable pulse mode
- Light sensor


- Battery Type: 12-Volt

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