Glomex weBBoat® 4G Plus 3G/4G/Wi-Fi Coastal Internet Antenna - North/South America Only
Glomex weBBoat® 4G Plus 3G/4G/Wi-Fi Coastal Internet Antenna - North/South America Only
Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex weBBoat® 4G Plus 3G/4G/Wi-Fi Coastal Internet Antenna - North/South America Only

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weBBoat 4G Plus 3G/4G/Wi-Fi Coastal Internet Antenna - North/South America Only

*Can only be sold in the United States*

weBBoat 4G Plus. 3G/4G/Wi-Fi Coastal
Internet Antenna System with Dual SIM

weBBoat® 4G Plus is the first, unique and award-winning COASTAL INTERNET 4G/3G/Wi-Fi DUAL SIM integrated system to surf the Internet, ensuring stable and high speed connections up to, approximately, 20 miles from the coast. The weBBoat® 4G Plus has automatic firmware updates and automatic App updates, so you will always have the best performance without any need to contact technicians. With the service help functionality, weBBoat® 4G Plus directly communicates with Glomex for any problems that might be encountered.

The weBBoat® 4G Plus is equipped with four 4G Diversity antennas that receive the Internet signal and create a personal and safe Wi-Fi network inside the fiberglass boat, that can be used simultaneously by 32 different and authorized devices. Moreover, if a known Wi-Fi network is present and available (for example the marina Wi-Fi), weBBoat® 4G Plus will automatically connect to it to limit the internet fees. weBBoat® 4G Plus is a PLUG & PLAY product as 4G GSM module is integrated inside the dome and, for its operation, only needs a 12/30 vDC power cable and one/two SIM cards for surfing the Internet to avoid unwanted roaming costs; all this makes weBBoat® very easy to install. weBBoat® 4G Plus is also easy to use thanks to the free App weBBoat® 4G Plus, available for iOS and Android. 


  • Dual Sim operation: Allows for multi-carrier and multi-data use capabilities. If one card runs out of data, the other can be used. If signal strength is weak for one carrier, the other carrier can be used.
  • WeBBoat ®plus app: Extended functionality such as switching between Sims and switching Wi-Fi to cellular data are just a few control features that the WeBBoat® app can do for you. Available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Four diversity, high-gain antennas for 4G are incorporated to allow for maximum cellular coverage without degradation to the system.
  • Two high-gain Wi-Fi antennas are also employed to provide maximum reception capability from local hot-spot signals.
  • The super-fast 4G/3G/Wi-Fi router specifically developed for the marine environment allows for up to 32 different devices to be connected at the same time.
  • The WeBBoat® has a built-in switching system thatautomatically switches from Cellular to Wi-Fi to limit data costs as well as Dual SIM cards which can reduce roaming cellular costs.
  • PLUG AND PLAY functionality – you just need a 10/30 vDC power source
  • Free firmware updates
  • Free periodic app updates
  • Service Help Functionality
  • In LTE mode, speeds can be as high as 100 Mbps on download and 50 Mbps on upload. (Speed dependent on data plan, coverage, and distance).
  • Quad-band operation (UMTS, GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE).
  • Three Ethernet ports
  • 4G backup WAN capability
  • 10-30 vDC, 200mA max power consumption
  • Updates via Glomex website
  • IEEE 802.11b,g,n compliant
  • Wireless approvals and Certifications: CE, FCC

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