Glomex ZigBoat™ Motion Sensor
Glomex ZigBoat™ Motion Sensor
Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex ZigBoat™ Motion Sensor

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ZigBoat™ Motion Sensor

Detects movements on your boat and immediately communicates it to your mobile device.

ZigBoat™ is an innovative ZigBee/WiFi wireless system for monitoring and interacting with your boat either remotely or while on board ensuring safety and peace of mind with no monthly fees or subscription. The ZigBoat™ consists of a core module (Gateway) and a series of standard and optional sensors that can be added to your specific needs. Thanks to ZigBee and Wi-Fi wireless technologies, which have direct communication with onboard sensors without the need for a cloud, ZigBoat™ sends real-time push notifications when critical events occur. Using the ZigBoat™ app, you can check boat information that is being monitored by the system.

ZigBoat™ is:

ZigBoat™ is easy to install and use. No cable needed. Just Plug & Play for wireless remote control & monitoring of your boat

Based on WiFi and ZigBee wireless technologies for fast and easy connection with the onboard sensors and managed by the ZigBoat™ iOS or Android App

The ZigBoat™ gateway uses direct, encrypted and real-time Peer-to-Peer connection platform to communicate with your mobile devices (smartphone and tablet) and have boat control anytime and anywhere: With no cloud, ZigBoat ensuring 100% privacy

ZigBoat™ offers several sensors and features to meet your specific needs, quickly and easily manage and configure via the App. The system can be integrated and expanded with unlimited additional sensors

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