Glomex 4' VHF Antenna 3dB w/FME Termination
Glomex 4' VHF Antenna 3dB w/FME Termination
Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex 4' VHF Antenna 3dB w/FME Termination

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4' VHF Antenna 3dB with FME Termination

Glomex wants to make life easier for boat owners by offering a new universal, rugged, high performance, adaptable to every need and fast fitting VHF antenna RA300. The new antenna, made with the best raw materials, is composed of a fibreglass tube, resistant to stress and treated with anti-yellowing material, which protects the internal brass elements. Long 1.2 m (4’), with a gain of 6dB, the antenna is both for masthead installation in order to have the best transmission performance, and for the installation on motor boats thanks to various optional supports. On the bottom, the antenna has a 5/8”x24 threaded ferrule that can be matched with optional brackets and mounts. Moreover, the antenna can be provided with the new Glomex high quality and low loss coaxial cable RG8X offered in various lengths and already pre-installed at both terminations with a special professional and miniaturized FME connector. If, however, it is necessary to have a longer antenna, you can use the new 1,2m (4’) rugged extension RA301, made with the same construction materials of the VHF antenna to get outstanding aesthetics.

This extension is easily mountable on the bottom of the antenna and is equipped with an internal, integrated 1”x14 ferrule to easily install it on any Glomex mounts.

All these features allow boat owners to have a great freedom in the implementation of the VHF system and to have an extremely easy and fast installation, thanks to the FME-UHF adapter and various optional supports.


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