Cuddeback 1408 Infrared Game Camera Moonlight, 8 Megapixel Brown
Cuddeback 1408 Infrared Game Camera Moonlight, 8 Megapixel Brown

Cuddeback 1408 Infrared Game Camera Moonlight, 8 Megapixel Brown

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Instead of adding more megapixels that don’t necessary improve image quality, Cuddeback’s Moonlight IR uses a low light sensor with bigger pixels that gather more light. Bigger pixels create better night images with more range and less motion blur. In fact, the Moonlight IR matches the IR illumination performance of our premium cameras at a much lower price. And when you consider that 75% of deer images are taken at night, it makes sense to design a camera for optimum night performance.

The Cuddeback White cameras are the highest performance cameras at this price – ½ second trigger means fewer blanks. 8 MP images means you get good images. Easy to use so you spend more time scouting and less time managing your cameras.

Featuring ½ second trigger speed captures the deer that slower cameras would miss. Fast trigger speed and accurate animal detection means you get more critters and fewer blanks.

Super-Fast Recovery Speed is ready for the next picture within 1 second of taking the first, and the result is Cuddeback can capture 2 photos before many cameras can capture the first.

Cuddeback’s Super Simple Setup makes setup and deployment virtually fool proof. Spend more time scouting and less time messing with the settings.


- Flash Technology: Infrared with 850nm LEDs (IR provides best image quality with only a slight red glow.)
- Flash Power: 24 High Power IR LEDs, 75'
- Trigger Speed: ½ second (Fast trigger speeds allows the camera to capture moving animals before they move beyond the view of the camera.)
- Recovery Speed: 1 to 2 seconds (The camera can be ready for the 2nd shot 1 to 2 seconds after the first allowing the camera to capture a second animal following the first.)
- Battery System: AA battery, quantity 8
- Battery Life: Up to 6 months, Over 10,000 images
- Day Images: Full Color, 8 MP color image
- Night Images: IR Black and White, 8 MP properly exposed b/w images
- Image Imprint: Date, Time, Moon Phase, CAM ID(Black bar provides clear identification.)
- Time Lapse: 12 seconds to 24 hours (Allows different settings for day and night.)
- Camera Delays: 1 second to 3 minutes(Provide versatility for trails, scrapes, food plots and feeders.)
- No Card Mode: Yes (Camera will continue to record images without an SD card)
- Super Simple setup: Yes (Programing and setup is easy and intuitive.)
- Video: Yes – 10, 20, 30 seconds (Plus, you can still get an image when you take video)
- Full Size Images: Yes (4:3)
- Genius Mount: Yes (Easier to deploy a camera when the mount is separated from the camera. Optional pan, tilt, lock sold separately)

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