Cold Steel 89MSW MAA Swiss Halberd
Cold Steel 89MSW MAA Swiss Halberd
Cold Steel

Cold Steel 89MSW MAA Swiss Halberd

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The Swiss Halberd effectively combined the finest attributes of the spear, battle axe and hook into one devastating weapon. It was able to pierce the thickest steel armor, and pulverize a sturdy helmet or shield. The Halberd's "beak" could also be used to drag a heavily armored Knight from his mount to be summarily butchered by the Halberd wielders brothers in arms.

The Cold Steel Swiss Halberd is almost identical to its heavy duty historical counterpart, except that Cold Steel's is made from modern materials. Featuring a fully sharpened spike, axe blade and beak (hook) it is a multi-faceted weapon that can hack, stab or entangle even a heavily armed and armored opponent.


- Weight (All): 98.4 oz
- Weight (Head): 50.4 oz.
- Width: 12"
- Head Height: 24 1/4"
- Handle: 65" Ash Wood
- Steel: 1055 Carbon
- Overall Length: 89 1/2"

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