Coghlans 8800 Water Filter
Coghlans 8800 Water Filter

Coghlans 8800 Water Filter

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This ultra-light unit provides protection against giardia, cryptosporidium and other organisms of equal size or larger such as ameba, tapeworm eggs, etc.

In areas where beaver or muskrat are prevalent, giardia is probably the most common hazard in drinking water. Outbreaks of giardiasis have occurred throughout the United States and it is a potential problem for most outdoor people.

The Coghlan's Water Filter is the most versatile and rugged system for providing giardia-free fresh water to outdoor people in pristine areas.

The Coghlan's Filter has a capacity of up to 50 gallons with a flow rate of 1 quart per minute (depending on the clarity of the water filtered).

Eventually the filter will plug off to the point where the pressure drop will be excessive (inconvenient--slow filtration). Replacement filters are available to provide continued use of your system.


- Filters particles and micro-organisms down to a nominal 1 micron level
- Virtually unbreakable
- Lightweight (6 oz.)
- Does not affect water taste
- Has been thoroughly tested for giardia removal
- Can be used with a straw or pump

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