Caldwell 336677 Lead Sled DFT 2
Caldwell 336677 Lead Sled DFT 2

Caldwell 336677 Lead Sled DFT 2

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The Lead Sled DFT 2 (Dual Frame Technology) provides shooters with the industry’s best recoil reduction system and the versatility to fit virtually any shotgun or rifle, all built around a precision shooting platform. A key feature of the DFT 2 is the ability to slide the front cradle back and forth along the Dual Frame for optimal length adjustment.


- Dual frame design disperses a maximum amount of recoil energy
- 18” of adjustment to fit rifles and shotguns of virtually any size
- Holds up to 100 pounds of lead shot
- The Lead Sled DFT 2 weighs approx. 24 pounds and is 30” long by 12” wide


- Up to 2.5” of elevation adjustment with oversized wheel on smooth ball bearings
- Skeletonized front rest has non-marring material
- Windage adjustment
- Non-marring rear cradle with Shock Eliminator Technology rear pad
- Easy windage and elevation adjustment
- Advanced non-marring Shock Eliminator Technolgy rear pad
- Fingertip rear elevation adjustment
- Dual Frame Technology accommodates AR mags
- Baffled tray keeps lead shot bags in place and holds up to 100 lbs. of lead shot – also holds weight bags full of sand or other media
- Rubber tipped feet offer no-skid support on any surface
- Dual frame technology absorbs recoil and allows for Extended magazine use on your AR Rifle

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