Barska Optics AX11780 BioMetric Safe Extra Large Biometric Rifle
Barska Optics AX11780 BioMetric Safe Extra Large Biometric Rifle
Barska Optics

Barska Optics AX11780 BioMetric Safe Extra Large Biometric Rifle

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The largest Biometric safe to date allows you to keep items securely and quickly accessible with a scan of your fingerprint. The advanced biometric fingerprint recognition technology allows for fast secure access to your items with the simple scan of a fingerprint. Push the power button and hold your finger on the fingerprint sensor quickly open the safe in three seconds. The biometric safes scanning technology is the solution to securely storing your items and having instant access to them in case of an emergency. No longer will you need to search for your keys or have to remember complex numerical key combinations. Access to your valuables is as easy pushing the power button, scanning your fingerprint and a quick turn of the handle. Internal removable 16 position rack to keep items organized. The removable storage shelves allow you to organize additional accessories. The interior of the safe is fully lined in a soft material to protect priceless valuables from scratches. Weighing in at 145 lbs the safe will detour any would-be thief from taking off with your valuables. For added security the biometric safe is manufactured with six mounting points at the back of the safes and includes mounting hardware to securely attach the Barska safe to a wall, the floor or solid flat surface. The five point dead-bolt locking system and solid steel construction guarantee peace of mind that no unauthorized users will access your valuables. As a secondary access point the safe comes with two coded manual keys for backup.


- Internal removeable 16 position rack
- Internal removeable rack, for the inside of the safe door
- Fully lined interior
- Operates on 4-AA batteries (included)
- Silent access mode feature
- Includes 3 removeable shelves, external battery pack, set of emergency back-up keys and mounting hardware


- Finish: Black Coating Steel
- Weight: 139lbs
- Length: 57"x16"x19.75"
- Included Accessories: External Battery pack, 4 AA batteries, 6 mounting bolts/ Allen Key, 2 emergency keys
- Warranty: 1 Year
- Fingerprint Memory: Yes
- Secondary Access: Yes
- Locking System: Total 5 pcs 1" locking door bolts
- Fireproof: No
- Batteries: 4xAA Alkaline

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