ATN Corp. NVMPPVS143W PVS14 6015-WPT 3rd-Generation Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular, Matte Black
ATN Corp. NVMPPVS143W PVS14 6015-WPT 3rd-Generation Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular, Matte Black
ATN Corp.

ATN Corp. NVMPPVS143W PVS14 6015-WPT 3rd-Generation Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular, Matte Black

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Own the night with the ATN PVS14/6015-WPT 3rd-Generation Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular with Headgear. This 3rd-generation night vision monocular is optimized for the needs of law enforcement and military personnel and can be used as a handheld device or be mounted on your firearm or headgear. This waterproof, durable, ergonomic, and ultra-compact night-vision device measures only 4.5" in length and can be coupled with the same unit for binocular operation. Its optical system is built around a 3rd-generation intensifier tube, enhanced with white phosphor screen technology. Unlike generic image-intensifier tubes (IITs), the white phosphor screen generates high-resolution black-and-white images. The tube also features a manual gain for more control of image properties. The f/1.2, 27mm lens system offers coated all-glass elements, a 9.8" close-focus distance, and a wide 40° angle of view. To protect the tube from accidental damage due to flashes of light, the electronics feature a bright light cutoff function, and to ensure proper brightness and contrast it has an automatic screen brightness control. Another highlight is a built-in illuminator for casting extra infrared light on your targets in total darkness.

To enable operators to venture almost anywhere, this night vision device uses only one AA battery and has a waterproof polymer body that can also withstand extreme temperatures—from -60 to 120°F (-51 to 49°C). For ease of adjustment and non-slip operation in any weather, all the rings and adjusters are heavily knurled. To make for a comfortable fit and prevent leakage of light exiting the eyepiece, the ocular is outfitted with an extra-wide rubber winged eyecup. Finally, to protect the exterior optics form weather and scratches, the monocular also includes two demist shields and a sacrificial objective filter.


Night Vision Sensor & IR Illuminator:

- 3rd-generation intensifier tube
- 64 lp/mm resolution
- Manual gain control
- White phosphor screen creates black-and-white images
- Bright light cutoff is triggered when 100-300 lux of light lasts for 10 seconds
- Automatic brightness control
- Built-in IR illuminator

Optical Performance:

- 1x magnification
- Compatible with optional lenses
- All-glass optics
- Polished lens coatings
- 40° wide angle of view
- f/1.2, 27mm lens system
- 9.8" minimum focus distance

Use and Handling:

- +2 to -5 diopter correction
- Built-in IR and low-battery indicators
- Can be used as a handheld device or mounted on firearm and headgear
- Two included demist shields and a sacrificial filter help protect the exterior optics
- Adjustable headgear included

Construction Details:

- Durable and lightweight polymer
- Compact and ergonomic design
- Built-in mounting screw socket
- Knurled adjusters and rings give a non-slip grip
- Tethered battery cap
- Wide winged rubber eyecup
- Waterproof


- Magnification: 1x
- Angle of View: 40°
- Lens System: f/1.2, 27mm
- Minimum Focus Distance: 9.80"
- Dioptric Correction: +2 to -5
- Infrared Illuminator: Yes, Built In
- Battery / Runtime: 1 AA/50 Hours
- Weatherproofing: Waterproof
- Operating Temperature: -60° F to 120° F
- Storage Temperature: -60° F to 185° F
- Dimensions: 4.50" x 2.25" x 2"
- Weight: 12.5 oz
- Color: Matte Black

Intensifier Tube:

- 3rd generation
- GaAs photocathode
- Manual gain control
- 22 SNR
- 64 lp/mm resolution
- White phosphor screen

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