ATN Corp. NVGONVG73W NVG7 Goggles 3rd Generation, White Phosphor, Matte Black
ATN Corp. NVGONVG73W NVG7 Goggles 3rd Generation, White Phosphor, Matte Black
ATN Corp.

ATN Corp. NVGONVG73W NVG7 Goggles 3rd Generation, White Phosphor, Matte Black

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Set out in the field with the ATN NVG7-WPT Gen 3 White Phosphor Night Vision Biocular. This 3rd generation night vision binocular allows you to see the night landscape hands-free by attaching to the included flip-up headgear and generates black and white images, thanks to white phosphor screen technology. The biocular configuration allows you the comfort of looking with both eyes while the f/1.2, 26mm multi-coated all-glass lens system provides a short close focus distance (9.8") and a wide 40° angular field of view. To preserve the intensifier tube from harmful bright light exposure, the device features a bright light cutoff function, and to adjust image brightness it has an automatic brightness control. Another highlight is a built-in illuminator for casting extra infrared light on your targets in total darkness.

To enable you to venture almost anywhere, this NVD is outfitted with a water-resistant polymer body that is designed to withstand extreme temperatures. For ease of adjustment and non-slip operation in any weather, all the rings and adjusters are heavily knurled and to ensure comfortable contact with your face. To prevent leakage of light from the eyepieces, the oculars have extra-wide rubber winged eyecups.


Night Vision Sensor & IR Illuminator:

- 3rd generation tube
- 64 lp/mm resolution
- White phosphor screen creates black and white images
- Bright light cutoff
- Built-in wide-angle IR illuminator
- Automatic brightness control

Optical Performance:

- 1x magnification
- Compatible with optional 3x, 5x and 8x lenses
- All-glass optics with polished lens multi-coating
- Biocular viewing allows using both eyes
- 40° wide angle of view
- f/1.2, 26mm lens system
- 9.8" minimum focus distance

Use and Handling:

- +2 to -6 diopter correction
- Built-in IR and low battery indicators
- Center focusing ring on the objective
- Adjustable interpupillary distance
- Headgear with flip-up adapter included

Construction Details:

- Lightweight and durable polymer body
- Knurled adjusters and rings for non-slip grip
- Wide winged rubber eyecups
- Water- and fog-resistant


Intensifier Tube:

- 3rd generation
- GaAs photocathode
- 22 SNR
- 64 lp/mm resolution
- White phosphor screen

- Magnification: 1x
- Angle/Field of View: 40°
- Lens System: f/1.2, 26mm
- Minimum Focus Distance: 9.80"
- Eye Relief: 3.0mm
- Interpupillary Adjustment: 52.0 - 72.0mm
- Dioptric Correction: +2 to -6
- Infrared Illuminator: Yes
- Battery / Runtime: 1 CR123A/50 Hours
- Weatherproofing: Water-Resistant
- Operating Temperature: -40° F to 122° F
- Storage Temperature: -58° F to 158° F
- Dimensions: 6.30" x 6" x 3"
- Weight: 17.60 oz
- Color: Matte Black

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